Friday, January 7, 2011

Mom's photo of sweetpeas in the window light

It's been months and months
since I wrote in this blog. But mother's spirit seems to be stirring with the new growth in the garden. And as I struggle to learn what the heck to do to the shoots of Brazilian Pepper tree taking over my garden and when to plant the iris rhizomes and what to do with the stump of camelia that the dog chewed down to the ground but still lives, well, this struggle of mine deserves company.

So I think I'll share the journey.

Many people have been gardening seriously forever. I didn't have to. My mom was the gardener. All I had to do was put something in a pot now and then and ignore the rest of the yard. Sometimes beautiful miracles took place. But now I have a shelf full of garden books, iris rhizomes needing to be bedded, and epiphyliums to puzzle over. It's time!

Between my sister and I, we also have every article Mom ever wrote for the San Diego Union about gardening. And we have her book about gardening in Southern California.

So, if you'll bear with me, I'll post some of my trials and tribulations and an occasional hint from Mom from her writings. Maybe it can be as if she's guiding me on this path! My dirty fingernails, her gentle whispers and laughter.

It will be almost like having her here.

Much love,

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  1. Keep posting about your Mom, she had so much to share.